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How we bought Weston Woods for the community & nature – download the pdf here.

Ideas for what you can do in your own garden to help wildlife survive – Click here to download a pdf

General Garden ideas: (reproduced with permission from Bug Life)

The following guides are reproduced with permission from The Wildlife Trusts – see and

How to set up a simple pond:

How to build a Hedgehog House:

How to build a Beetle Bucket:

How to build an Insect Hotel:

How to make your own Bird Feeder:


Local Environmental Organisations

Wildlife Friendly Otley

Wildlife Gardening Websites

We are the Ark is an organisation encouraging people to wild at least part of their gardens, and grow some veg if possible. They advocate Acts of Regenerative Kindness, and have an active Facebook presence too.

The Royal Horticultural Society have a wealth of information about all aspects of gardening, including how to encourage wildlife. They also sell some plants in peat free compost.

Rewilding: how to rewild your garden in 10 easy steps …Advice by Sarah Giles

Rewild Your Garden: 10 Easy Things You Can Do To Make A Big Difference. Advice by Cheryl Magyar

Wild About Gardens – a website with lots of useful information.

Avoiding Chemicals

“Weedkillers” are harmful to wildflowers, food and the soil. This website has suggestions for alternatives to Roundup

Rewilding Websites

Yorkshire Rewilding Network is a resource aimed at pulling together lots of local rewilding organisations.

Rewilding Britain has lots of information about rewilding initiatives.

The Global Rewilding Network covers the entire planet – find out what is happening elsewhere.

The Knepp Estate, in East Sussex, has been rewilding their land for over 20 years, and the results are stunning.


Wildlife Gardening Books

Wildlife Gardening for Everyone by the RHS and the Wildlife Trusts. A resource full of information about wildlife and projects you can undertake to help them.

The Garden Jungle (Gardening to Save the Planet) by Dave Goulson. In this quietly radical book we are given practical ideas on how to garden in a new way. It explains that we are not powerless in the face of climate change. No garden is too small to make a difference!

Rewilding & Nature enhancing Books

Wilding by Isabella Tree – an account of the process of rewilding the Knepp Estate over the last 20 years, full of inspiration and enthusiasm, and fascinating accounts of nature coming back into its own.

A Buzz in the Meadow by David Goulson – focusing on the insect life found in just one field in France.