MANT Projects

Wildlife Development for Menston Landmark

Miss Porritt’s field, a much loved feature in the heart of Menston, is to take on a new role as part of its protected status. The field in the heart of the village was left to the community by the benefactor, Miss Porritt, in 1996, with the proviso is should never be developed.  In recent years it has been used for grazing cattle and ponies; in future, in the light of wildlife losses across the area it is now recognised that a more proactive approach would be beneficial.

The field’s Trustees have signed an agreement with Menston Area Nature Trust (MANT) to manage the field to increase biodiversity, initially for the next seven years.

The Field’s Trustees are happy that MANT will manage the field, as they recognise that MANT have the expertise necessary to make the most of this important resource. 

This is a great opportunity to encourage a wider range of native plants to thrive, more varied and abundant insects and a healthier population of wildlife right in the centre of Menston. It will also become a great resource for the community to engage with wildlife and enjoy watching the changes that take place over time.  

MANT will be working with other village groups to plant wildflowers and undertake regular surveys to monitor plants and animals present, as part of their educational purpose as a charity. People will continue to be able to enjoy watching cattle grazing in the autumn, after the wildflowers have seeded. The changes we will make over time will lead to an abundance of food sources for bees and other pollinators, and increased varieties of native plants and animal wildlife. The result will be a more traditional and varied meadow, full of wildflowers.

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